“This book is a great resource for others nourishing an entrepreneurial spirit as well as a philanthropic heart and the desire to use their God-given talents to serve others.
Angels and Entrepreneurs will inspire you and light the way for you!”

—Chuck Norris

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Bob Schlegel

About Bob Schlegel

Bob is a highly accomplished Entrepreneur, Senior Real Estate Executive, CPA, and Board Member with more than 45 years of success spanning manufacturing, distribution, healthcare and real estate. He has a proven ability to manage growth, and his areas of expertise include logistics, property development, financial analysis, strategic planning, and private equity.

About Angels and Entrepreneurs

Bob Schlegel grew up on a struggling family farm, and like his entrepreneurial father, he took charge of his destiny by starting his own businesses—often more than one at a time. He and his wife Myrna partnered together in their early endeavors and raised a family of entrepreneurs. Their diverse startups included a chain of fifteen superior nursing and retirement centers, as well as the nation’s leading manufacturer of paving stones and landscaping materials. Though they faced substantial challenges and even near-bankruptcy, they persevered and built highly profitable enterprises with the help of “angels”—both earthly and heavenly. Bob shares his experiences—his failures as well as his successes—with the goal of inspiring others to start their own businesses.


“In this book, Bob coaches you through some tough plays and shares what he has learned through his wins and losses. He is a man of great character, strength, and generosity as evidenced in the stories throughout this book. This book is a WIN!”

—Jerry Jones, Owner, President and General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys

Angels and Entrepreneurs is an inspiring book sharing the lessons learned and ups and downs all entrepreneurs will inevitably face while navigating business, relationships, and life. A must read not only to learn how to make money and be successful in business, but also how to build a life filled with gratitude and healthy relationships.”

—Jim Treliving, member of Dragons’ Den and owner of Boston Pizza North American Franchisor

“I may be biased because I count Bob and Myrna among my closest friends, but Bob’s life story of drive, tenacity, and self-reliance is a wonderful story. Entrepreneurs are a fascinating breed, and I never tire of hearing their inspiring examples of hard work and determination. It is incumbent upon all of us to cultivate and nurture the entrepreneurial drive in others, for they are our future.”

—Trisha Wilson, Founder and retired CEO of Wilson Associates Hospitality Design Firm, and the Wilson Foundation

“A must-read inspirational journey on the road of life. A story of love, passion, and perseverance...and the American Dream!”

—Jeffrey A. Rich, former CEO of Affiliated Computer Systems (ACS)

“If you’ve ever thought of becoming an entrepreneur or if you are just curious about what makes entrepreneurs do what they do, this is a must read. If you are already an entrepreneur, you can take Bob’s hard-earned lessons to the bank.”

—Craig Hall, Real Estate and Wine Entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author

Angels and Entrepreneurs is the perfect title for a Bob Schlegel book…because he is both! The consummate angel and entrepreneur, Bob has never known a stranger or a failure. Every stranger is turned into a friend, and every failure into a learning experience. Bob has served as an inspiration to me and will be a guiding light, both personally and professionally, for all who read the book.”

—Jim Keyes, Retired CEO 7-Eleven Corporation and founder, Education is Freedom Foundation